Dublin Airport’s newly unveiled Terminal 2 is stacked with the same great facilities as Terminal 1. In both cases, the layout is easy to navigate, and convenient access roads allow public transport and Dublin Airport hire cars to come and go with ease. If you’re having trouble finding a particular facility in either terminal, just look for one of the customer service assistants (CRAs) patrolling both terminals and wearing pink polo shirts.

Terminal 1 is fully loaded with traveller amenities, restaurants and shopping outlets. The most commercial bloc in T1 is the Mezzanine Level, which is strung fast-food restaurants, pubs and a food court. There are even more eating and shopping outlets tucked into The Loop, the Dublin Airport shoppers’ paradise airside of security. The Loop in T1 is stacked boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops, and it’s a great place to spend an hour while waiting for your flight to leave.

There’s another instalment of The Loop in Terminal 2. Favourites in this area include an Irish Whiskey Collection store and rock-bottom duty-free outlets dealing in perfumes and cosmetics. Across the country, The Loop is a hallmark of the Irish airport experience, and Terminal 2’s brand-new infrastructure makes it that much better.

Getting back and forth the two terminals is straightforward, with a covered walkway connecting the two. There’s no need to take a shuttle bus. For those flying into T2 and boarding a connecting flight in T2, it’s only a matter of retrieving luggage from the state-of-the-art luggage collection area and proceeding through customs. This straight shot from the deplaning area is easy to navigate.

We also can provide a Route map for those driving to Dublin Airport for the first time. Find the short stay car park or which road to take for Terminal 2 drop off….