Opening late in 2010, Dublin Airport Terminal 2 aims to redefine the Dublin travel experience. It’s stacked with purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities and features a spacious and well-lit atrium drenched in natural light. And thanks to the work of thousands of volunteers and employees running trials, T2 could launch operations with confidence.

Terminal 2 is immediately beside Terminal 1, and the two are connected by a covered walkway. Each has its own dedicated short-term parking facility, but they share a common long-term car park. Excellent signage and broad roads make getting in and out smooth and painless.

The biggest tenant at Terminal 2 is flagship carrier Aer Lingus, which is moving all of its operations into T2. Aer Lingus flies all over Europe but also crosses the Atlantic Ocean to major cities in North America. All of Dublin Airport’s transatlantic airlines – namely Continental Airlines, Delta and US Airways – are moving into T2 to take advantage of the advanced pre-screening facilities used by US customs officials.

T2 is sleek and highly accessible. It hosts its own version of The Loop, the popular collection of shopping and dining facilities found in other Irish airports. This area includes plenty of duty-free merchandise available to passengers bound for countries outside the EU.

Finally, navigating the newly opened Terminal 2 is a cinch. The baggage handling system is delightfully efficient, and the walk from here to passport control and customs is quick and painless. Once into the Arrivals Hall, passengers enjoy all of the same transport options they did in Terminal 1: taxis, buses and cheap car hire in Dublin Airport Terminal 2.