Well-regulated taxis connect form T2 to any destination in metropolitan Dublin. After landing at Terminal 2, you’ll find that the exit route from the deplaning area to the Arrivals Hall is nearly a straight line. All of the routes are well signposted, and it is difficult to lose your way. In the event that you do get turned around at some point, helpful customer service assistants (CRAs) are on hand to get you back on track. Their pink polo shirts make them easy to spot.

After deplaning, passengers can proceed to the modern baggage claim, head through customs and continue on to public transport options without changing levels. In fact, the route is nearly a straight line all the way through. From the Arrivals Hall, take the covered glass walkway until it presents the option to turn left for taxis (buses are to the right). It’s a short walk.

Anyone planning to more than the least amount of travelling around greater Dublin will get more use out of a hire car from Dublin Airport T2. However, taxis are fast and convenient if you only need to jump from the terminal to an onward destination.

The taxi rank on the Arrivals level road is fronted by a dispatcher who can help with any particular enquiries. All vehicles are metered, and drivers are required to accommodate any journey up to 30 kilometres. They’re also obligated to print receipts upon payment of the fare. To estimate your taxi fare, please use our taxi fare calculator.

Dublin Airport’s taxi regulator service provides a formal complaint channel to settle any disputes that arise between passenger and driver. The authorities recommend paying the full fare and requesting a printed receipt even if you plan on filing a complaint. Doing so ensures you get proper recourse.