While Dublin Airport T2.com is an unofficial guide, we do get asked questions on a regular basis. This guide is designed as a collection of questions we have encountered most frequently. There is however, no substitute for contacting the DAA directly at this email address: information.queries@daa.ie.

Sometimes the questions are a bit on the strange side, but keep them all coming in. This page will continue to grow as we receive questions. While we do our best to provide the best information possible, if anybody can answer a question better than we have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical Visa Questions

At times we receive questions of a very technical nature related to visas, passports, expiry dates and citizenship questions. Unfortunately we are not in a position to answer any questions along these lines.

Executive Lounges

There are executive lounges in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 which can be used for 3 hours at a cost of €20. These lounges are equipped with relaxation spaces, internet facilities, complimentary refreshments and a business centre. The lounges are not equipped with showering facilities.

Contact Requests

As Dublin Airport T2.com is an unofficial website, we cannot provide contact details for personnel working at the airport.

Airport Transfers

While we receive questions about terminal transfers, we have a comprehensive section about terminal transfers on the website.

Lost Property

By far the most frequently asked topic is related to lost luggage or items left behind at security. As we are not related to Dublin Airport in any way, we cannot answer such questions. Dublin Airport.com however have an excellent section dealing with lost luggage.

Particular Questions about Shops

Shops in Dublin Airport are opened from the first flight to the last flight. For information about shops in Terminal 2, click here and for information about shops in Terminal 1 click here.

Taxi Services

The range of questions related to taxi services at the airport is wide and varied. At times we have been asked to confirm a price from Dublin Airport to a long distance location in advance of the trip! Taxis are located outside both the main terminals (for more click here) and we would also recommend the World Taxi Meter calculator for trip cost estimation.