Safety is a priority across Dublin Airport, and you’ll be subject to checkpoints and screenings while travelling through Terminal 2. Security officials have passenger safety in mind at every phase in the boarding process, and they’re particularly concerned with keeping dangerous items out of the passenger cabin of each airplane leaving the terminal.

All luggage is screened, but bags that are bound for the passenger cabin get an extra level of scrutiny for obvious reasons. Streamlining the screening process reduces your chances of hitting a last-minute snag. That’s why passengers are advised to carry just one piece of hand luggage.

The most common point of confusion at Terminal 2 security checkpoints relates to EU regulations on liquids and gels. Any gels, pastes, lotions and liquids carried on the airplane have to be stored in small 100-millilitre bottles. These, in turn, must all fit into a single litre-sized resealable plastic bag. Exceptions are made for baby food that will be consumed during the flight and for medicines that are deemed necessary. Relegating liquids to checked luggage is a major time saver.

The following items may not be carried into the cabin:

T2 News Item Firearms, including their components and toy and replica guns
T2 News Item Other projectile weapons, including bows and arrows, harpoons and slingshots
T2 News Item Stunning devices
T2 News Item Objects with a sharp edge or point
T2 News Item Workmen’s tools
T2 News Item Clubs and bats

Beyond this list, the following items may not be stored anywhere in the airplane, including the hold:

Prohibited from being on the airplane:

T2 News Item Detonators
T2 News Item Explosives, including gunpowder and grenades
T2 News Item Smoke-generating canisters
T2 News Item Blasting caps
T2 News Item Ammunition