Here’s a statistic worth mulling over: Dublin’s brand new Terminal 2 building is outfitted with six kilometres’ worth of baggage belts. With the wheels of the terminal in full motion, that spells a non-stop parade of checked luggage being whisked from passengers’ hands to airplane cargo holds and back again.

As far how many bags a passenger can carry or check, rules and regulations vary between airlines. The major carriers in Terminal 2 are Aer Lingus, Continental Airlines, Delta, Etihad and US Airways. Each has its own policies, but most allow passengers to carry on one small bag and one personal item like a notebook computer, briefcase or purse. It’s worth asking ahead of time, though, as last-minute fees for extra bags can be a serious headache – especially fees that could be avoided by reorganising the luggage a bit.

There is a left luggage facility than is offered in the Short-Term car park atrium with rates depending on baggage size. It is open from 06.00 to 23.00 daily. Special group and tour rates are available and also a porter service can be arranged in advance to have your luggage brought to your terminal.

Terminal 2 is leaps and bounds of ahead of Terminal 1 in the baggage department, and passengers are set to enjoy high rates of successful delivered bags. Of course, accidents may happen, and when the do the lost luggage desk can quickly track your missing bags to see where things went wrong.