Restaurants in terminal 2 come two fold. Anyone looking to grab something or meet people before departing must ascend up to the arrivals level to enjoy the culinary options including Diep, GBK and O’Briens. These restaurants are not the cheapest so make sure you check the price list before ordering.

Most eateries are open from first flight to last flight so there should always be somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Dublin Airport are continually trying to improve options and they are planning to open two new restaurants soon, Burger King and Harvest market. The former will be located on the Mezzanine and the later on Departures side after you go through security.

Terminal 2 Restaurants

Arrivals Level
T2 News Item Gourmet Burger Kitchen Great selection of designer burgers that taste and look delicious. Not cheap but definitely delicious.
T2 News Item Diep Le Shaker Noodle Bar Superb Thai cuisine, Diep have a number of restaurants in Dublin City where food is of the highest quality.
T2 News Item O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar O’Briens is a chain sandwich bar offering freshly made sandwiches, rolls and wraps. They also offer savoury sides and on occasion wonderful soups.
T2 News Item The Oak Bar Found across the walkway on the Arrivals level, the Oak Bar offering traditional bar food set under a wonderful wooden sculpture.
T2 News Item Wrights Food Court You may already be aware of Wrights from its location in the short stay car park. Wrights offers a selection of snacks and drinks.
Departures Level After Security
T2 News Item The Slaney Bar Usual bar food on offer with great views out its giant windows.
T2 News Item Flutes For those looking for a bit of luxury why not try Flutes’ selection of champagnes and sparkling wines. Don’t forget your wallet.
T2 News Item Chocolate Lounge As the name suggests a wide variety of chocolate treats that travel around on a conveyor belt. You can also get teas, coffee, beer, wine, sandwiches and savoury snacks.
T2 News Item Irish Meadows Located near the departure gates 401-426, you can grab a sandwich, confectionery or coffee prior to boarding.
T2 News Item Burger King Burger King’s famous flame grilled Whopper burgers will satisfy all your hunger needs.
T2 News Item Harvest Market  Offering customers a hearty Irish breakfast, a hot lunch and a range of smaller snacks like a sandwich with a beer or a coffee.