All passengers checking in at Terminal 2 do so on the ground floor of the terminal building.

  • Aer Lingus Desks – can be found in Areas 29-56. Important to note that until told otherwise all passengers should continue to arrive at Terminal 1.
  • Etihad Desks – are located in Areas 1-28. Etihad will begin to transfer flights from T1 to T2 from November 23rd 2010 so its important to check which Terminal you should arrive into.
  • Delta, American Airlines, US Airlines and Continental Desks – also will be situated in Areas 1-28 but the transfer from T1 to T2 won’t commence until 2011 when the US Customs and Passport Control Pre-Clearance area is completed.

General Check-In Information

Self-Service check in areas will be available depending on the airline used. As a guide, its likely those in Terminal 1 will offer the same service options in Terminal 2.

It is always a good idea to leave plenty of time at the airport. When any new terminal opens there are usually some teething problems so as a guide:

  • For domestic or UK destinations, a minimum of 90 minutes prior to departure is advised.
  • For European flights, you can check in from 2 hours before your take off.
  • Long-haul flights open for check in 3 hours prior to take off.

**IMPORTANT: Those who use the US Pre-Clearance area will require additional time to complete all forms and passport control.