The new Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport has been designed to work efficiently. This means the procedure after disembarking from the airplane to reclaiming luggage and exiting customs is very straight forward. All arrival traffic at the new terminal follows the exact same path through the baggage hall and customs.

After disembarking from the airplane, you will have a short distance to walk until you reach immigration where you will be asked to product your passport. Directly the other side of immigration is the baggage reclaim hall. The hall has six baggage belts, each of which will clearly indicate what flight is being served. The baggage reclaim hall has trolley depots, toilet facilities, a help desk and a transfers office.

Once you have reclaimed your luggage, you will have to pass through customs before coming arriving on the arrivals level at T2. The airport has been designed to allow all arrival passengers progress from airplane to exit on the same level.