Dublin Airport Terminal 2 is taking on all of the transatlantic flights out of Dublin, and passengers bound for cities in the US and other non-EU countries can take advantage of the world-class passport control facilities installed here. The Garda National Immigration Bureau oversees all incoming traffic, with different agencies responsible for screening outgoing flights.

If you’ve been travelling within the boundaries of the EU, then there’s nothing to slow you down when you land in Dublin – especially considering Terminal 2’s advanced baggage handling system, which will have your checked luggage in hand in record time. The blue channel is set aside for passengers travelling within the EU. Proceed to the red checkpoint if you have something to declare.

Anyone flying in from outside of the EU will have to proceed through customs and passport control after landing. The green channel is for inbound travellers who need to be stamped in but don’t have anything to declare to customs. Adjacent to the green channel is a red point for customs declaration. Your customs declaration form indicates the various limits for importing goods and merchandise.

It’s worth mentioning that random screenings take place in both green and blue channels. It’s worth declaring anything you’re unsure of just to save on unexpected headaches.

US Customs & Border Protection Agency operates pre-clearance facilities here for all US-bound flights, making this one of only two airports outside of the US to offer such a service. It’s a great convenience for outgoing passengers, who can land at JFK Airport in New York or Charlotte International Airport and skip over the passport and customs proceedings in the US.