Travellers going to the US can now enjoy the new improved facilities in T2 by clearing both passport control and customs & excise prior to boarding their flight from Dublin. Ireland is the only country outside the North America Region to offer such a service.

The border pre-clearance facilities are operated and staffed by US Customs and Border and complete the same procedures as you would in the US.

This will mean that upon arriving in the US, tourists will be treated similarly to domestic passengers. On exiting the plane and collecting your baggage you can walk straight out speeding up the process considerably. The first queue you hit will probably be for the cab outside the terminal.

The new Terminal 2 will boast a complete emigration service that will allow passengers to complete all necessary paperwork prior to travelling to America. The huge United States flag is clearly viewable and denotes your first steps into America. With this in mind it will mean arriving earlier even than normal so that all customs and immigration details can be confirmed.

Dublin Airport’s T2 will operate as a hop airport offering this pre-emigration clearance to all flights refuelling on the way to the US. Passengers will land in Dublin from Mainland Europe and further afar, disembark the plane and complete their customs and emigration details before boarding again for America. Full facilities will be available as well as shops and areas to buy food.

This expansion will allow airlines to reduce costs and be more flexible when it comes to routes as no additional US emigration costs will be required at smaller regional airports.