Renting a Car at Dublin Airport Tips

With so much to see and do in Ireland, it is not surprising that huge numbers of tourists chose to rent a car when they visit Ireland. This article will provide information that will help you make a decision on which car rental provider to choose.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Car
While nobody wants to spend more than they have to on car rental, squashing your family or friends (and luggage!) into a car that is too small is never a good idea. The differences in price between the car classes offered by the various car hire companies in Ireland are relatively small. Figure out exactly what your requirements are for your car, and then make a decision with this information in mind.

Tip 2: Understand the Insurance
By law, all car rental companies must insist on CDW insurance (aka third party insurance) with your rental car. The good news is that if you rent your car from any of the car rental companies in Ireland, this insurance will be included in your rate automatically. However, CDW insurance will leave you with an excess amount which will be held on your credit card. All car rental companies offer additional optional insurance products that will allow you reduce this excess to zero, or close to it. This is an optional insurance product that many customers find useful.

Tip 3: Transmission
Manual cars are a lot more prevalent in Ireland, meaning that automatic cars will generally cost more to rent. While this tip may sound rather obvious, it is recommended that if you usually drive an automatic, you should rent an automatic. While the roads in Ireland are very good, you are on holidays and it may not be the best time to choose to learn how to drive a manual.

Tip 4: Shop Around
Before making a final decision, ensure that you are comfortable with the final cost of the car rental. Some companies such as Irish Car Rentals who offer a car rental Dublin Airport service don’t have any hidden extras.

Tip 5: Book Directly
The final tip in this series suggests you should book directly with your chosen car rental company.

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